Re-finished vanity top

How ‘Repairable’ is Solid Surface?

Not wishing to repeat a theme, but here at BSF we are quite often asked about the differences between Solid Surface, natural stone (Quartz, Marble), and indeed other man-made products such as Silestone and Ceasarstone.  One of the biggest differences – outside of things such as Solid Surface being non-porous and shapeable in 3-dimensions – […]

Solid Surface Repair

What happens if “Something Happens” to your Solid Surface tops?

Through the blog you’ve probably read, multiple times, that Solid Surface is not only durable, non-porous, shape-able, etc., but is easy to keep, and indeed easy to repair.  It’s all very well saying things, but sometimes you have to show things for people to realise.  Solid Surface is really unique in the world of Stone […]


The BSF Website gets (another) facelift!

The old phrase goes that “time waits for no one”. In an age where the internet becomes our “go to” place there is always a need for businesses to keep developing how their customers (old and new) access information. Here at BSF we have continued to evaluate our website functionality across all devices, leading to […]