Solid Surface Colours & Finishes

The Extensive Range

Each of the Solid Surface suppliers generally separate their different colour/finishes into ‘Groups’, or ‘Bands’ – which on principle stem from the most basic colours (white, solid colours), to more complex forms with patterned, marbled, or more detailed finishes. 

Ultimately the collection of no 2 Solid Surface material is the same, meaning here at BSF we offer hundreds of options for your home!

These ranges are forever changing as new trends and styles inform the construction and design landscape. 

Below you can view close to 200 different Solid Surface samples – each of which are considered to be appropriate for use throughout the home. By clicking on the name of each material supplier (Corian, LG Hi-Macs, Staron, Mirostone) you can quickly see which each has to offer. For other materials on offer please scroll down and click on the supplier’s logo – which will take you to their colour palette (in an external win

You should have in mind that being on a screen the picture is only a small representation of what the material is like. It can help you shortlist your colour selection but you may wish to consider requesting samples – which you can do simply be clicking here, or by calling us directly on 01277 263603.

Selecting a colour - what you should consider

When choosing a colour you also need to consider the finished thickness of your bespoke item. In principle Solid Surface is not a load bearing material, requiring a substrate underneath it. Solid Surface generally comes in 12mm thickness, which when combined with a substrate allows a minimum build-up of 25mm for a counter top – going upwards as thick as you would like. 6mm Material is used for vertical surfaces – like feature walls, but please note that not all colours are available in 6mm.

The exceptions are with Mirostone – where all colours are available either as finished solid pieces 20mm thick which do not required a substrate (the colours are also available in 12mm); plus also Corian Glacier White and LG Hi-Macs Alpine White – both of which are available in 18 & 20mm.

When choosing your colour you also need to consider “where” your counter top or item is going. Is it a “high traffic” area – such as a kitchen? Whilst Solid Surface is exceptionally resilient it is not bulletproof – and darker colours could have a the possibility of scratches showing up white. These can be repaired, but it is worth considering; or indeed simply talk to us when making your choice. 

All materials can be used in creating additional Solid Surface items around your home, including, but not limited to:

  • Upstands to the rear of the countertop, be these square finished or coved
  • Watersafe edges – for a vanity or sink unit
  • Full size splashbacks
  • Vertical End panels – to the sides of your island unit to the floor, or as a drop to any horizontal surface.
  • The detail of your finished edge. Do you want this to be as square as possible, rounded, bullnosed, or other? As we use traditional joinery techniques this can be tailored to your needs.

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